Earn Your Full Value by Maximizing Your GI Bill Benefits


Banneret believes in the value that veterans can contribute in the work force.


However, we know that the transition from a military to a civilian career path can be challenging for many reasons. 

As a recruiting and career counseling firm, we strive to break down all barriers holding veterans back from achieving and earning their full potential in the civilian workforce.

We specialize in helping you maximize utilizing your GI Bill benefit as a tool to propel your future success.


Robert E. Woods III

Founder & Lead Recruiter

During his transition out of the U.S. Air Force, Robert became obsessed with the various training, internship, and apprenticeship opportunities available through the GI Bill. Through extensive research of the companies registered with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Department of Defense for On the Job Training and Apprenticeship programs, he learned that more than 99% of businesses in the country are missing out on the opportunity to hire highly capable veterans at scale.

Therefore, he began a quest to help military veterans obtain jobs in the tech, finance, and hospitality industries in order to help provide access to opportunities he wished were readily available to him during his transition. His vision is to help 1,000 veterans become hired in tech, finance, and hospitality industries within five years.